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MASH Nail Art Practice Fingers (Set of 5)

Sale Price $3.99

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to nail art! These life size practice fingers have been developed by the nail art experts at MASH to provide you the perfect blank canvas to hone your skills on. Each finger has a self adhesive bottom to allow you to practice without having to worry a ...more..

MASH 1200 Piece 12 Color Nail Art Heart Rhinestones

Sale Price $4.99

Nail Art Accessories - Rhinestones MASH is proud to introduce another fantastic rhinestone accessory for Nail Art! These new rhinestones have an elegant HEART shape design, increasing the amount of nail art options available to you. The sky is the limit so...take your heart off your sleeve and on to ...more..

MASH Real Dried Flowers Nail Art Set

Sale Price $5.50

MASH Real Dried Flowers Nail Art Set   From the creative minds of MASH comes the Real Dried Flower Nail Art Kit. The set comes with 12 flowers, each unique in their own right. Perfect to show off your favorite nail polish color, and your creativity of course. Nails are the canvas of 2012, so ge ...more..

MASH Striped Nail Art Glitter

Sale Price $4.99

MASH Striped Nail Art Glitter   MASH is proud to introduce its first nail art design glitter! Beautiful designs in stunning colors. This set contains 12 sparkly colors( Bronze Brown,Orange,Royal Blue, Light Steel Grey, Golden Yellow, Ruby Red, Metallic, Sterling Silver, Barbie Pink, Turquoise, ...more..