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MASH Nail Art Image Plates Set (26-50)

Sale Price $29.99

25% off Nail Stamping Set of 25-plates
The hottest new set of image plates from the nail art experts at MASH! Designed and created from the ground up to introduce exciting new designs to nail art stamping. Comes with 25 plates ,each containing 5 to 7 images per plate ,making your nail art options limitless! ...more..

MASH Demi-Pearl Beads Wheel

Sale Price $3.99

MASH Demi-Pearl Beads Wheel Pretty as your grandma's pearls, new MASH Demi-Pearl Beads are easy to apply and shaped to sit perfectly on your nail surface. As an adorable accent or charming centerpiece to your nail art design, in 12 fetching colors no wardrobe would be complete without them. * Redefi ...more..

Build Your Nail Art Kit

Sale Price $68.93

Customize your nail art kit.
Build your own nail art kit, from the selection of high end nail art products and accessories, and be equipped with all the necessary tools for nail art stamping and design. Make nail art better, Order now! ...more..

MASH Nail Art Image Plate #44

Sale Price $3.99

High quality with crisp engraved designs for a perfect image transfer every time. It is made from high grade stainless steel and are paper backed to prevent scratching. Plate measures about 1.8" (5.5cm in diameter) with sanded edges for easy, comfortable handling and a protective nylon screen. Mash ...more..