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MASH Magnetic Nail Polish -Plum

Sale Price $6.99

MASH revolutionary magnetic nail lacquer creates stunning 3D effects in seconds, giving your nails the ultimate WOW factor. These chic metallic shades are transformed by simply holding the bottles magnetic top over them for 10-15 seconds. Textures and special effects; creating the ultimate mani must ...more..

MASH Nail Stamping Kit

Sale Price $44.96

25% off MASH Nail Stamping Plate + Stamper Scraper & Holder Free (You Save $13.90)
MASH Nail Stamping Kit with Nail Art Image Plates, Plate Holder and Stamper Scraper. Buy our stamp plates and the tools, and you are ready to move around with most beautiful finger tips. ...more..

MASH Metal Cuticle Pusher

Sale Price $4.99

High quality stainless steel cuticle trimmer/pusher. This cuticle savor has a bell shaped end that conforms to your natural nail for pushing/and or cutting your cuticles to perfections. ...more..

MASH Artificial Nail and Polish Remover

Sale Price $7.99

MASH's specially formulated artificial Nail Remover contains solvents whose molecular structure reacts quickly when exposed to oxygen and are provided to decrease the removal time of artificial nails. Formulated to focus the breakdown of the bond between the artificial nail and the natural nail whil ...more..