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MASH Nail Art Beauty Case

Sale Price $14.99

You will wonder how you ever managed without this convenient, sturdy travel case to store your equipment neatly. MASH brings all your nail art supplies together with a high quality aluminum frame case with reinforced steel corners. This transparent and durable case allows you to instantly know what' ...more..

MASH Striped Nail Art Glitter

Sale Price $4.99

MASH Striped Nail Art Glitter   MASH is proud to introduce its first nail art design glitter! Beautiful designs in stunning colors. This set contains 12 sparkly colors( Bronze Brown,Orange,Royal Blue, Light Steel Grey, Golden Yellow, Ruby Red, Metallic, Sterling Silver, Barbie Pink, Turquoise, ...more..

MASH Velvet Dust

Sale Price $5.99

MASH Velvet Dust   The innovative minds at MASH debut the Velvet Dust set transforming your nails into soft pads of crushed velvet. Yes, the fabric once reserved for plush sofas has now migrated to your nails. We couldn't be more in ?. The set includes the 12 seasonal colors, that will dress yo ...more..

MASH Artificial Nail and Polish Remover

Sale Price $7.99

MASH's specially formulated artificial Nail Remover contains solvents whose molecular structure reacts quickly when exposed to oxygen and are provided to decrease the removal time of artificial nails. Formulated to focus the breakdown of the bond between the artificial nail and the natural nail whil ...more..